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An electrician in NWA is changing a dead electrical outlet.

01 Dec No Power – Dead Electrical Outlet

Electrical outlets, sometimes called receptacles, are in nearly every room we live in. They deliver the electricity that provides light at night. Outlets provide power for our computers and allow us to charge our phones, and they keep the clocks on time so we can get...

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Update your smoke detectors!

27 Oct Smoke Detectors

Mister Sparky Electrician Northwest Arkansas honors fire protection week in October! Mister Sparky Electrician Northwest Arkansas has been on a mission to educate the public on fire safety, including the proper use and maintenance of smoke detectors. Your First Line of Defense  Your first line of defense for...

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If you're looking to find an electrician in Bella Vista, AR call Mister Sparky!

29 Sep Find an Electrician in Bella Vista, AR

Are you trying to find an electrician in Bella Vista, AR? At Mister Sparky Electrician NWA, we understand how frustrating it can feel to search for qualified local electricians. With so many factors to take into consideration, narrowing down your search can be a time-consuming...

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