Smoke Detector Safety

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When is the last time you checked your smoke detectors? The American Red Cross recommends testing your smoke detectors’ batteries once a month. 3,000 Americans die every year in residential fires. Don’t be the next victim.

Want to learn more about home fire safety? Test your safety knowledge with this Red Cross quiz and take a look at their other online resources. (link is external)

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Time For A Check-Up?

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When is the last time you got your electrical installations checked? Electrical work deteriorates with age and should be tested on a regular basis. Inspections are recommended to check for overloaded circuits, shock or fire risks, find any defective work, and a number of other safety concerns.
To stay safe, have an electrician test every:

  • 10 years for a home
  • 5 years for a rental property
  • 3 years for an RV or mobile home
  • 1 year for a swimming pool
  • before selling a home/moving into a previously occupied home

Have a home or pool that needs an inspection? Call Mister Sparky and swim safely!

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Last Chance To Vote For the Best Electrician In Northwest Arkansas

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There is only one day of voting left in the NWA Media Best of the Best contest. To vote for the Best Electrician go to: (link is external) and vote today!!

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Are You Prepared For An Electrocution?

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What should you do if someone you know gets shocked? Electrical shock can be frightening and is more common than you may think. Household outlets, light fixtures, and electric fences are just a few of the likely causes.

If someone you know gets shocked, contact 911 or other emergency number then check for these symptoms:

  • Cardiac arrest
  • Heart rhythm problems
  • Respiratory failure
  • Muscle pain and contractions
  • Burns
  • Seizures
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Unconsciousness

Follow these steps to ensure both their safety and your own:

  • Before touching them, make sure they are no longer in contact with the object that shocked them. It could pass the current to you.
  • Move the source away and/or turn it off if you can.
  • Check to see if they are able to breathe. If not, begin CPR if you know how.
  • To keep the victim from going into shock, lay them down with their legs elevated.

Keeping all of this in mind could save a life or prevent lasting injuries from an electric shock. Remember to stay safe and avoid possibly dangerous materials.

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Electric Vehicles 101

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Electric Vehicles: 101

If you haven’t yet looked into hybrid or electric cars, now is the time. With advances made everyday in the new technology, experts say there could be as many as 4.4 million electric vehicles on the road by 2020. Deciding which car is the best fit for you can be difficult. Here are three of the top green models available now and why they will appeal to you. And if you need a charging station installed -we are qualified to help you out!

1. 2012 Nissan Leaf

This new all-electric car has it all and boasts the most reasonable price of the new eco-friendly bunch. At only $26,684, this rechargeable vehicle can go 106 city and 92 highway miles. It features a nearly silent engine, but the savings in gas money are causing quite a noise in the industry.

2. 2013 Chevrolet Volt

The Volt is a bit pricey at $39,145 but it still has a lot to offer the eco conscious consumer. This hybrid can go up to 40 highway miles on one charge before switching over to its very efficient fuel engine. One tank can take this car up to 300 miles. The Volt offers some high tech options such as a video screen, but unfortunately has a small cabin that only seats 4.

3. 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

This model is all about style. While still retaining the benefits of a hybrid car, the Fusion also has the look of a luxury vehicle. At $27,200 with an estimated 47 mpg, this car is definitely one to beat.

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A Simple Guide For Your New Ceiling Fan

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A new ceiling fan can offer many benefits to your home. See the advantages and tips on what to look for when choosing a new addition and give us a call if we can help!

Mister Sparky®, #1 electrician in Northwest Arkansas, is your emergency electrician, 24-hour electrical service, source. Call us now at 479.202.4757.

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Properly Equip Your Home To Battle High Temperatures This Summer

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Beat the heat this summer by installing a new ceiling fan in your home. In addition to providing improved circulation, ceiling fans can add value to your house while giving your wallet a break.

A properly installed fan can compliment your air conditioner by letting it run less. This improves efficiency and is better for the environment -not to mention the money you save on energy bills. Ceiling fans can also be beneficial during the winter months -with a quick switch in direction, your fan will push the warmer air at the ceiling back down to spread throughout the room.

Another advantage to installing a ceiling fan is room decor. Put that finishing touch on your favorite room without sacrificing space for a floor standing or desk fan. With modern design and improved mechanics, your ceiling fan can become a feature of a room without being noisy or an eyesore. They are also safer for kids and pets.

When choosing your ceiling fan, there are 5 points to take into consideration:

  1. Blade Pitch -The wider the blade and higher the angle, the more air gets moved.
  2. Blade Finish -Make sure the factory has treated the blades with a moisture sealant to prevent wooden blades from warping and peeling, and metal blades from scratching and tarnishing.
  3. Motor Quality -Fans that come with motors with sealed and lubricated ball bearings require less maintenance, if any.
  4. Energy Star rated -Energy Star-rated fans are 50% more efficient than conventional ones.
  5. Installation -This is very important when deciding where you want your fan located in your room as well as ensuring optimal efficiency. Watch our short 10-step installation video!
    Mister Sparky has installed countless ceiling fans and we are always available to install it if you like, or we can provide any assistance if you choose to do it yourself. We are happy to help, so give us a call anytime!

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Home Generators 102

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In light of the recent storms and power outages, we thought it would be best to provide a video to discuss the advantages of a home generator to supplement our first post on the topic. Check out this short video and ask us how to avoid outages and add peace of mind with this smart investment. We are always available to answer any questions you have!

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