1 Dec No Power – Dead Electrical Outlet


Electrical outlets, sometimes called receptacles, are in nearly every room we live in. They deliver the electricity to all of the fixtures in the room, providing power for our computers and allowing us to charge our phones. They’re so important to keeping us in sync with our daily routines that it becomes mayhem when there is a power outage or electrical outlet problems. Here are three possible reasons why you may be experiencing problems with an electrical outlet:

LOOSE CONTACT POINTSElectrical outlet in NWA that is being replaced by electrician.

An electrical outlet does not contain any moving parts, though they do have contact points made of metal. These contact points have grounded connections that can wear down and loosen over time. Loose contact points mean an increase in electrical resistance, which generates heat within the outlet. This can cause wiring problems and blown out fuses in your electrical panel. The best way to avoid these issues is to replace the electrical outlet at the first sign of loose contact points.


Loose wires at connection points can not only cause abnormal amounts of heat generation, but they also cause sparking and arcing. Arcing creates a fire danger and can often be identified by the burn marks left in the outlet terminals. A home safety inspection from Mister Sparky can identify and repair these issues before they create dangerous situations in your home.


Installing low-quality power outlets is never a good idea, as the life of power outlets relies heavily on the quality. To be safe, invest in professional grade outlets. These outlets are built to endure heavy usage and a heavy duty contact areas makes them more reliable.

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