Everything You Need To Know About Home Security Lights

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Say safe with home security lights says Mister Sparky Electrician NWA

Everything You Need To Know About Home Security Lights

A dimly-lit exterior can be a bigger security liability than many homeowners realize. In addition to making a property a more attractive target for thieves, vandals and even home intruders, poor illumination also increases the risk of accidents and mishaps. Especially in inclement weather or during colder months when snow and ice are a concern. Exterior flood-lamps and area lights, motion-sensing lights, remote-operated smart lighting systems and other types of exterior home security lights can be a major asset when it comes to maintaining a safe and secure home.

Area Lighting Home Security Lights can be put on the perimeter of the home says Mister Sparky Electrician NWA

Flood lamps, landscaping lighting and other area lights serve a dual purpose. By illuminating the home’s surroundings, area lights make it more difficult for anyone who may be trespassing on the property to escape detection or approach closer to the home unseen. A bright, well-lit exterior also sends a clear message that the home is being maintained, that it is likely occupied and that the property owners have taken steps to create a secure environment. Area lighting and home security lights alone are often sufficient to persuade any potential thieves or home intruders to look elsewhere in search of an easier target.

Placing Lights and Fixtures

While area lights have an important role to play, not all home security lights and fixtures needs to be that powerful. Effective placement helps to ensure that even accent lighting can help to improve home security. Walkways, gates, entryways, garage doors and ground-floor windows that may serve as a potential point-of-access for home intruders are all areas where additional light fixtures may need to be installed. Proper placement for specific lights helps to ensure that any way to approach the home will remain brightly lit and clearly visible.

Perimeter Lighting

Comprehensive area and point-specific lighting can help to beef up security, but an exterior that is too brightly lit can make for a less comfortable household. Ringing the perimeter of the home can benefit both household safety and security while ensuring that light intrusion from the exterior home security lights is less likely to become an issue. Combining perimeter lighting with a few point-specific lights to help illuminate key areas like doors and walkways can allow homeowners to enjoy the best of both worlds. Exterior lighting that faces away from the home in order to illuminate the surrounding landscape is another way to deal with light intrusion.

Motion Sensors

Motion activated flood lamps and even point-specific lighting is often one of the most effective ways that home security lights may be used to beef up household security. Lights that are triggered by movement make it easy to reduce exterior illumination to more comfortable levels while still providing the illumination needed to stay safe. From providing plenty of light when approaching the home or taking out the trash to frightening away buglers and vandals, motion-activated light fixtures can be a key asset when it comes to addressing the most common safety issues or serious security concerns.

Smart Lighting

The ability to access, control and adjust both interior and exterior lighting through a mobile device is another handy feature with many potential security applications. Home and property owners can log into the system and adjust lighting before arriving home, to create the illusion that the home is still occupied when away or to provide additional lighting when investigating a potential security threat. Relying on outdated technology and conventional fixtures in order to secure the perimeter and protect the home could lead to many lost opportunities. Even motion sensors may not be able to provide the same level of convenience and performance that the latest smart fixtures and remote operated home security lights and lighting systems may be able to offer.

Investing in Quality Fixtures and Equipment

Home security lights that may be less than dependable, fixtures that are not rugged enough to withstand the elements and equipment options that may wear out or fail prematurely may prove to be nothing more than a wasted expense. Home security is an important concern and making an effort to seek out and select the lighting and equipment options that have more to offer is not a consideration that should be taken lightly. Quality lights, superior fixtures and professional equipment installation services may all be needed in order to ensure dependable performance and superior results.

Addressing Specific Security ConcernsDeal with potential looters with home security lights Mister Sparky Electrician NWA tells us.

Not every security lighting upgrade needs to involve a top-down system installation. Installing a single fixture may be all that is required in order to better address a specific security concern. Wiring and installing an exterior area light or point-specific fixture can allow homeowners to eliminate a blind spot, better illuminate high-traffic areas and exterior environments or to deal with specific issues like potential loiterers or teenagers who have a past history of trying to sneak out of the home at night. Investing in a more modest range of equipment options and installation services provides an affordable way to deal with any number of specific security concerns and situations.

Security Lighting Installation Services and Solutions

While upgrading an existing fixture can be simple enough, many property owners lack the tools and expertise needed to upgrade their existing lighting, install new fixtures or properly configure a smart lighting system or remote operated home security lights. Working with electricity can be dangerous, especially for those who lack the proper skills, tools or training. The services of a professional electrician can allow home and property owners to take advantage of a wider range of lighting equipment and security options without having to worry about damaging the equipment or injuring themselves during installation.

Mister Sparky Electrician Springdale, America’s On-Time Electrician in Bella Vista, Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale and Fayetteville services the Northwest Arkansas area with a team of licensed electricians. In addition to flickering lights, some of the electrician services provided by the company include electrical outlet/switch repair, ceiling fan installation, lighting installation, electrical wiring repair, landscape lighting installation and home electrical inspections.

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Should I Get An Electric Fireplace?

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Mister Sparky Electrician NWA shows you why the electric fireplace is a great option.

Should I Get An Electric Fireplace?

Many people desire to have a cozy living room with comfortable seats and a beautiful fireplace to enjoy the chilly winter evenings. Although this dream is a lovely idea, real fireplaces are often expensive and require a lot of work and money, even if your home already has one installed. While the cost and maintenance of a real fireplace may have you down, there are alternative options available to you. Electric fireplaces offer many of the same benefits as real fireplaces while saving you time and money and giving you some great bonuses.

Pros of Electric Fireplaces

Mister Sparky Electrician NWA gives reasons for choosing an electric fireplace.

An electric fireplace helps you avoid the maintenance required of a wood-burning fireplace. No wood or gas is used, which means no fumes in your home. Their size can range from quite small to units that look like a full fireplace, including the mantle.

Once installed, they require a significantly low amount of maintenance. There is no chimney to clean and no need to worry about cleaning up the logs or ash. They have a much lower cost compared to real fireplaces. They are energy efficient and last for quite a long time.

You have plenty of designs to choose from when selecting one. They are safe, not only by having no fumes but also, since there is no fire, there is no need to worry about getting burned. Generally, they are cool to the touch, even when they are turned on.

Cons of Electric Fireplaces

There are few drawbacks, though. The larger space that you are looking to heat would require a more substantial electric fireplace, usually costing more money than a smaller size. Unless you have a generator, it won’t work during any power outages.

One issue that may be a drawback to some is that although the installation process can be quite simple, having an electrician come to make sure you have a proper and safe installation is generally a good idea. Even though this will cost you just a bit of money, the peace of mind you will receive after is priceless.

Shopping around online and going to showrooms in person are two great ways to help determine the perfect electric fireplace for you and your home. Electricians are excellent resources to use to answer any questions you may have about which one would be right for the space you are looking to heat.

The installation process is usually quite simple. However, most people will find comfort in having a professional electrician come to ensure a proper and safe installation. You also need to make sure that if it is a simple plug-in fireplace that you connect it to the appropriate outlet.

Is an Electric Fireplace the Right Choice for You?

Shopping around online is an excellent way to browse what options are available to you. Another way to help you decide is to see some yourself at a showroom if possible. That is a great way to help determine what size you want, where it should go in your home and would help answer questions you have, such as how the aesthetics look, the heat output, and more.

The coziness of a fireplace without the drawbacks of a real gas or wood-burning fireplace can easily be achieved with an electric option. They are worth looking into if you want a heating option for your home.
If you are looking to heat an ample space, you will need a big electric fireplace to do the job, which can cost you a bit more than the smaller ones.

An alternative option is to ask a local electrician to help you find the right type for you and your space. They can help make sure you find one that is right for the area you are looking to heat. With an electrical home inspection, they can check to make sure your electrical system can handle your preferred model. They can also make sure that it adequately installed and the safety requirements are up to code.

How Safe are Electric Fireplaces?

Mister Sparky Electrician NWA turns on the electric fireplace with remote.

When compared to gas and wood-burning fireplaces, electric fireplaces are often the safest option. They have no fumes or fire. There won’t be any heat loss due to a chimney. They can heat a room quickly, and that room will stay warm throughout the entire duration of the use. You also won’t have an issue with gas fumes, smoke, tar build-up, or escaping gas, all of which are issues you may have with a traditional fireplace.

They are a great heating alternative for those with allergies or sinus issues. There is no forced-air system to spread dust and other allergen particles throughout the air. The air quality can improve by using an electric fireplace.

They make great supplemental heating options for homes with children or pets. They maintain heat at a lower temperature and often include a “safe-to-touch” glass that remains at a low temperature, preventing burns. Since there is no real fire involved, you won’t have to worry about an out of control fire or a chimney hazard.

In Conclusion

Even if a real fireplace is not an option for you, an electric fireplace is a cozy alternative. These electronic versions offer many of the same benefits and can save you time, energy, and money.

There are many benefits to getting an electric fireplace. They are low maintenance, have no fumes, stay relatively cool to the touch and come in a variety of sizes and design options. They are generally cheaper than real fireplaces, energy-efficient, and last for a long time.

They are a great alternative to a real fireplace and is an excellent supplementary heating option for those sensitive to allergy or sinus issues. They are safe for homes that include children or pets with no worry of burns or fumes.

Mister Sparky Electrician Springdale, America’s On-Time Electrician in Bella Vista, Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale and Fayetteville services the Northwest Arkansas area with a team of licensed electricians. In addition to flickering lights, some of the electrician services provided by the company include electrical outlet/switch repair, ceiling fan installation, lighting installation, electrical wiring repair, landscape lighting installation and home electrical inspections.

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How Much Energy Do Holiday Lights Use?

By Springdale Electrician,

Learn how to not waste energy with holiday lights.

How Much Energy Do Holiday Lights Use?

The Holidays are just around the corner, and all over, people are trying to figure out the best ways in which they can decorate their homes. No matter what part of the country you live in, you are bound to find places that are lit up and adorned with beautiful lights and sights all around. These lights and the little decorations that come with it work to give us an exceptional feeling during this holiday season and are part of the beauty and charm that we feel during this time of the year.

If the holiday bug has caught you, you are probably thinking of how and when you are going to decorate your home. Decorating your home is a great way to bring in the season and make your home feel more special. However, decorating your home and adoring it with those beautiful holiday lights always comes with a cost, and by that, we mean quite literally.

The Spikes In Electricity Usage

Holiday lights run on electricity, which means that your lights are taking up the supply that would otherwise not be in use. YoExterior holiday lights can jack up the bill.u are going to be using a lot more power than what you usually use, which means that you are going to have to pay significantly more than what you typically spend.

If you are wondering whether this is true or not and whether those dainty Christmas lights could take up as much power, we urge you to have a look at your past electricity bills. Sort out your bills by month and note down the times during which you see specific spikes. You will always notice that the peaks appear around the holiday season, and these can sometimes be significant increases as compared to other months. If you light up your entire home during this time of the year, you can be prepared to see increases by a significant amount. If you put up some lights around the 4th of July, you are likely to see spikes during that time as well. However, these aren’t usually as much as the ones during the holiday season.

The reason for this is because the lights that one puts up around the Holidays aren’t only for a day or two. On average, people tend to put up their lights for at least one or two weeks. Some households go on to put up their household lights for as long as three to four weeks.

Holiday Light Wattage

Usually, people tend to go in for the most generic forms of lights when trying to decorate their homes. Those who want to light up their homes are usually either using some string lights or led lights. Both these options tend to need varying amounts of power, which can all be easily calculated based on their wattage. String lights mainly tend to use incandescent bulbs to give off their light. On average, around 100 bulbs on a string light use around 40 watts of power, which is quite significant, considering that one needs hundreds to be able to light up a whole home. These lights are also quite substantial when compared to other kinds of lights, such as LED lights, which only use around 5 watts.

Keeping track of the watts that your lights use is incredibly important and something that people often skip out on when putting up their holiday decorations. Houses can only handle a certain amount of wattage before the circuit trips. Since you don’t want your lights going out abruptly during a holiday party, you may want to check the limits on what your home can handle before you put up your holiday lights in your home.

The Cost Of Holiday Lights

With the amount of energy that lights use, they are bound to add to your electricity bill. It is important to note just how much your lights will cost and how much they will increase your electricity bill. These factors mainly depend on the cost of electricity that your energy providers have established. Energy providers vary in terms of the price per wattage that they offer. Understanding this price and multiplying it by the amount of wattage that your holiday lights are going to use is one way to determine just how much you are going to have to pay.

Duration For Which They Should Be On

No one wants to skip out on lighting up their home during the holiday season, but getting into the holiday mood shHoliday lights can result in fires.ould not burn such a big hole in your pocket. With the number of gifts you are going to buy and the dinners you have to engage in, the holiday season is always expensive. Fortunately, there are multiple ways in which one can take care of these expenses and make sure that they are only using what they need to. Knowing how long your holiday lights should be on for is one of those things that can help you save a considerable amount, and can ensure that you don’t face any hazards as a result of your holiday lights.

The holiday season sees a considerable amount of fires as a result of holiday lights, and no one wants to end up in the emergency room during this time of the year. For this reason, keeping on your lights only during the evening and switching them off just before you go to bed is the best call and something that can help you stay safer during this holiday season.

Installing your lights in the right manner is also essential, mainly because of the potential hazards one can face if they are not installed correctly. The best option is to hire a professional light installer who can help you set up your home lights and make it feel special during the holiday season.

Mister Sparky Electrician Springdale, America’s On-Time Electrician in Bella Vista, Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale and Fayetteville services the Northwest Arkansas area with a team of licensed electricians. In addition to flickering lights, some of the electrician services provided by the company include electrical outlet/switch repair, ceiling fan installation, lighting installation, electrical wiring repair, landscape lighting installation and home electrical inspections.

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