Electrical Panel Repair

Mister Sparky Electrician NWA doing a home electrical panel repairElectrical panel repair can seem like a DIY project, but most of the time you’ll want a professional.  The electrical control panel, or breaker box, is the heart of your electrical system. The electrical panel is the home to the system’s main safety devices, the circuit breakers, which protect each circuit from overloads and other hazards. Surprisingly, an electrical control panel is a simple system.

A home’s electrical panel, what electricians call a service panel but what most people know as their breaker box, serves as the switchboard for the entire house’s electrical system. It receives power from the utility company and distributes it to the individual circuits that supply all of the fixtures, outlets and other devices in the home.

The main panel is usually right next to or under the meter. This is the central distribution point for the electrical circuits that run to lights, receptacles, and appliances throughout the house. A circuit, by definition, is a circular journey that begins and ends at the same place, and this is essentially how electricity works. Current begins at a power source, powers the appliance or device along the circuit, and then returns to the power source. Any interruption in this path will render the circuit dead.

Because of this your home breaker box can be compromised by any number of problems including faulty installation, weather wear, sunlight damage and obsolescence (getting older over time). All problems with a service panel should be diagnosed and remedied by a qualified electrician. Common hazards which may indicate you need electrical panel repair include:

  • Damaged Service Cables
  • Excess Moisture
  • Improper Wiring
  • Underpowered or Overcrowded Panel
  • Aging Panel

No matter the age of a panel, having it inspected by Mister Sparky will give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your system and your home. Electrical panel repair is dangerous and should only be performed by trained and experienced electricians.