20 Sep Electrical Safety For Football Season


Football season is here! Whether your passions lie with your high school, college, NFL, or fantasy team (or even if you’re just along for the ride for the sake of a good tailgate party), a lack of electrical safety precautions can make your game watching experience miserable.

Electrical Safety at Home

Keep electrical appliances away from the sink– This is one bit of advice that we all learned in childhood, but it’s so easy to forget when you’re trying to watch the game, entertain guests, refresh the food, man the grill, and listen to that Spotify playlist. Don’t put yourself in that position where your distraction gets the better of you. Keep your electrical appliances separated from water from kickoff to the final whistle.

Protect your flat screen–  Electrical safety for your devices begins with a surge protector in your home.Between our giant TVs, computers, phone chargers, lamps, fans, and everything else, we’re pumping more electricity than ever, especially on game day. This leaves our valued appliances vulnerable to power surges. Protect your valued electronics with a surge protector.

Don’t let the smoke get in your eyes–  So much electricity, so much food on the grill, so much potential for things to go up in flames. Don’t let that happen to you. Check the batteries in your smoke alarm every month to ensure your home and family are safe.

Watch those burgers–  We know, we know.  Your team’s in the red zone, trailing by four, late in the 4th quarter.  You have to see what happens, right?  But not if you have food cooking.  Stay in the kitchen (or the backyard if you’re grilling) until the food is ready, the burners are off, and the fire is out.

Watch your cords–  Do not place electrical cords in high traffic areas, and never plug an extension cord into another extension cord. This is dangerous from a tripping hazard as well as an electrical one, with excessive voltage that could cause an overload of your electrical box or even a fire.

Electrical Safety at the Tailgate

Space heaters– Space heaters are a life saver during late season games in cold climates, but make sure to keep space heaters at least three feet away from all flammable materials when in use.

While you’re inside the stadium– Windy parking lots and lawns can make signs and banners combustible hazards to your grill. Make sure the coals are extinguished in your gas grill and not lit.

Keep these electrical safety tips in mind while grilling.Burgers, hotdogs, and chicken are game day staples, but without refrigeration they’re at risk for bacteria. Make sure you have ample cooler space and ice or a nearby place to refrigerate things before being prepared. Watch food temperatures.

And of course, be mindful of drivers and always designate a driver if you or someone in your party plans on drinking.

We’re here for you! Call Mister Sparky NWA if you’re experiencing any electrical issues, so that the only power problems during the big game come from a poor defensive line. Have a great football season everyone!

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