Power Outage

Mister Sparky NWA responds 24 hours a day to power outage situations.

A power outage is every homeowner’s nightmare.  Electrical power is critical to your health and happiness.  A short outage can be a major inconvenience.  A days-long outage can be an outright disaster.  In either case, you can be sure the outage won’t occur on a 9-to-5 schedule.  You’ll need an after hours electrician to evaluate your outage.

The power outage can be a short, momentary loss of voltage or a sustained shutdown with no available electricity for an extended period. The severity of the disruption is directly proportional to the extent of the power outage and how long electricity is unavailable. A number of things can cause a power outage, the weather, mechanical breakdowns at power stations and substations, failure of electrical power transmission lines, overloaded circuits, or human error.  Whatever the cause, a 24/7 electrician at Mister Sparky can evaluate the situation and recommend the best course of action.

Weather can be severe at times in Northwest Arkansas bringing ice storms, thunderstorms, and power outage which can cause main electrical panel damage, and blown circuit breakers.

Mister Sparky has 24 hour Emergency service that can safely evaluate an electrical problem and get your electrical service running again.

Call us anytime your electricity is not working properly. – (479) 202-4757