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Smart Electrical Panels


A smart electrical panel sparks innovation in home electrical systems for its many benefits, including an easy installation that doesn’t require extensive renovation to connect them, which makes them more cost-effective. They also have the potential to carry a higher electrical load, which you can also manage remotely.

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What is a Smart Electrical Panel?

Smart electrical panels, also known as a span panel, smart panel, smart breaker, and smart breaker panel, are technologically equipped panels that can control and monitor the current flow to your electrical circuit digitally. This way, you can use your mobile device to turn your circuit’s breakers on and off from wherever you are.

They can also be used alone or with a standard panel to help manage your energy load.

Install a Smart Electrical Panel NWA

Features that Redefine Home Power Management

Remote Accessibility for Peace of Mind

Smart electrical systems allow users to track their energy consumption throughout the day and control it via their smartphone. Hence, it provides peace of mind knowing you can turn off high power draw electrical units during peak hours to reduce their load on the circuit for lower utility bills.

It also enables homeowners to assess the activity of their appliances to see if there is an electrical issue with them that requires maintenance or repair. 

Energy Analytics for Informed Consumption

There are relays in a smart breaker, which control the unit and then send data on its performance to the smartphone app. Hence, once you open the app, you can view your real-time energy analytics for each circuit.

As a result, you can stay informed about your electricity consumption at any given time and then use the analytics to manage how much energy each circuit uses by shutting it off or turning it on as you see fit.

You can program the circuits to come on at certain times to help control your electricity use and, thus, your utility costs.

Automated Safety Alerts for Your Family’s Protection

A smart breaker panel also regularly monitors its condition, such as if it is overheated, not fully discharging, or contains moisture, and more to help prevent hazards.

Suppose there is an issue with the smart electrical device. In that case, it will send a safety alert and the data to your smartphone, so you can take proper precautions to shut off the smart breaker switch to prevent a fire when no one is home.

Smart Electrical Panel vs Regular Panel

Are Smart Electrical Panels Worth the Investment?

Proactive Issue Prevention

Because a smart breaker also provides data regarding its condition and the abnormal power consumption of your electrical devices, it allows homeowners to take a proactive approach to solve any minor issues with their system and plug-in appliances before they spiral into more serious issues, which can cost an arm and a leg to repair.

Sustainable Energy Management

Smart panels also work with sustainable energy systems, such as solar or wind power, for load management and maximize your battery use for even more energy savings. 

The panel can also direct energy from your smart breaker to another source, like a backup system for storage.

Streamlined Control at Your Fingertips

The main benefit of a smart breaker is that it streamlines all the information needed to monitor and control a property’s power consumption all in one place, which can be easily accessed via the app or locally for savvy decision-making regarding your electrical loads at your fingertips.

Long-Term Savings & Efficiency Gains with a Smart Electrical Panel

Monitoring your regular energy use in real-time, using a smart breaker panel, and then being able to program it according to your schedule so that it automatically switches off during peak hours provides the long-term savings benefit of sustaining lower utility costs. Its safety features can even help lower your insurance premiums.

Meanwhile, its cost-effective installation compared to conventional electrical panels also provides long-term savings. At the same time, the upgraded circuitry means less power loss for efficiency gains.

Smart Electrical Panel vs Regular Panel

Basic Functions of Traditional Panels

Traditional panels receive energy from an outside utility line as its power enters the building, which they then use to provide your home with electricity. However, if you draw too much power from one circuit, it can trip the main breaker, which can cause a power outage in the entire home. 

They also utilize toggle switches to shut the power on and off manually. So, if the circuit breaker trips, you must be present to them back on. Otherwise, the contents in your freezer and refrigerator can spoil over time, and there can be other problems. 

Since they connect to an outside utility line, they also require some degree of construction to connect to them, which can be expensive.

Elevating Your Lifestyle with Smart Panel Advancements

Smart electrical panels differ from traditional panels in that they have digital circuit breakers that monitor the electric panel’s electrical load. 

Information concerning the panel’s electrical load communicates with the central control center, which, in turn, then sends the data to the homeowner via an app, which enables them to turn the smart breakers off or on in a power outage via their smartphone.

However, If you have a span panel, it automatically switches the panel off during a power outage, which allows the battery to take over.

Hence, they help elevate your lifestyle by making it easier to manage your smart electrical system in various situations without the guesswork and manual control associated with traditional panels.

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What is a Smart Electrical Panel

Transform Your Space Into a Smart Efficient Home

Though a smart breaker installation can uplift your home’s electrical potential, having a certified professional electrician install it is best to ensure it is safe. Otherwise, many things can go wrong, including fatality, when attempting to do it on your own.

A licensed, experienced electrician knows the local and updated electrical codes and can ensure your panel and wiring are defect-free for the most efficient running system.

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