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Call for same day


What Is Track Your Tech? ™

Track Your Tech ™ is a new service offered exclusively by Mister Sparky NWA. Track Your Tech ™ allows Mister Sparky customers to receive text updates in real-time about the status of their appointment throughout the day, most importantly when their technician has been dispatched for their location. This service allows customers the freedom to continue about their day until the Mister Sparky tech is on his way!

How Does Track Your Tech ™ Work?

Book Online
There are only so many hours in a day, and Mister Sparky’s newest technology allows busy homeowners to take control of their limited time. Access Mister Sparky’s exclusive Track Your Tech ™ service when an appointment is booked online and say goodbye to hours lost waiting on the arrival of an electrician.

The process begins by following simple steps within the appointment booker. Customers choose a date and three-hour time slot that is a best fit for their busy schedule. Once the appointment slot is selected, there will be an additional form to add contact information and home address to proceed. Once all information is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent with the details of the scheduled service. If further information is needed to confirm booking, a Mister Sparky Customer Service Representative will reach out to the phone number provided within the appointment scheduler.

The Day of Your Appointment
The Mister Sparky technician will be dispatched on the selected date within the three-hour time slot. Mister Sparky’s Track Your Tech ™ service sends an alert by text phone as soon as the technician is heading to the home. Prior to arrival, the initial text provides the name and professional photograph of the dispatched individual to allow them to become familiar with the technician on the way.

Track Your Tech ™
Follow the “Track Now” link, provided within the text alert, to follow their journey in real time. Never play an appointment guessing game again. The Track Your Tech ™ service will show the Mister Sparky van on a live map with the technician’s real time location. Know exactly when the technician is set to arrive, from their location down the street all the way to when they ring the doorbell to begin the service.

Do I Pay An Additional Fee For The Track Your Tech ™ Service?

There is no additional fee for Track Your Tech! ™ This service is offered exclusively for Mister Sparky customers that book their appointments online, appointments made via phone are not eligible for Track Your Tech ™ capabilities.

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