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24 Hour NWA Emergency Electrician

There will be times when you need an emergency electrician, and you need to know who to call. Mister Sparky’s team of certified electricians are available and ready to help. We pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly to emergencies that may arise. Our certified technicians are capable of handling everything from small emergency calls to major response situations.


  • You See Sparks:  this may be the most obvious and crucial sign that you are in an electrical emergency.  If the sparking is especially robust, you may want to call 911 and then call Mister Sparky once the threat is neutralized.
  • Your Outlets & Cords Feel Warm:  if any outlets and cords are hot or warm to the touch, don’t let it go.  Call a 24 hour emergency electrician.
  • Fuses or Breakers Blow or Trip Often: one blown fuse or breaker is no big deal and is easy to replace yourself.  If it happens multiple times in a short span: you need to call your northwest Arkansas 24 hour emergency electrician.
  • If Your Home is More Than 25 Years Old

Mister Sparky Electrician NWA is an electrician in northwest Arkansas that has an on time guarantee.


  • Diagnosis & Repair
  • Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors
  • Home Standby Generators
  • Installations
  • Circuit Breaker Replacements
  • Safety Inspections
  • Much More!